1. Security: Cryptocurrency is purely digital. The mining process, as well as transactions, is not fully secure due to scams. There are some services that provide the facility of online digital payments for the clients and thus can be the target of hacking attacks. Even the exchange services can also be the target for the attackers.
2. Limit Issues: There are common limit issues of maximum and minimum. Many sellers or buyer provides the limit and they don’t exchange if the limit doesn’t meet.
3. Customer support: There is no specified customer support by the USDT marketplace, there are numerous sites available for exchange that gives assistance of customer support but that are not managed by Pakistani people which is again a security concern for not having an office or branch in Pakistan locally.
4. High Trading Fee: Trading is usually covered by fees and many exchangers take benefit by saying about hidden fees or flaws.
5. Inconvenient user interface: There is no focus on the user interface to make the experience reliable and smooth.

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