Why Crystocks ?

Why Crystocks ?

5000+ Regular Customers

Crystocks family is becoming huge due to the fastest and only reliable service available in the market. Our customers are our proud. Crystocks provides special security and guarantees to each transaction of the USDT conversion.

Market-Beating Prices

Crystocks is the only platform in Pakistan that offers the highest rates in exchanges of USDT to PKR and PKR to USDT. The manifesto provides the highest price in selling and lowest price while buying USDT.

Experienced Team

Each order goes through different team members to make sure the exchange is done properly. Every member in Crystocks is highly qualified having years of experience in Blockchain and Stock Market.

Crystocks Offering You

Secure USDT Exchange24/7 Customer Support

Secure Exchange24/7 Support

With Crystocks, you are completely tension-free about buying and selling USDT with our years-old most reliable exchange algorithm.

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Crystocks Mobile App

We are delighted to announce that Crystocks is soon launching its Mobile Application where you can experience the friendly UI with some remarkable exchange features like:

  • Receive Regular Coins Updates
  • Directly USDT to PKR and PKR to USDT Exchange
  • Generate Exchange Reports
  • Unbeatable Stock Market Trading Experience

Some Of Our Case Studies

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


Crystocks is the best of best. I could not get USDT when BTC crashed badly to $32k from $63k and I was in rush to take advantage of this opportunity. Only Crystocks helped me then with the lowest rates and their service was unbelievably fast..

Abdul Baree


This team made USDT transactions so easy for me. Now, I can use my crypto wallet just like my bank account. I can sell and purchase the USDT even more easily than we purchase any e-commerce product.

Sania Zahoor


I was afraid of losing my money at first whether to go for buying USDT at Crystocks or not but as I could not get USDT from anywhere else in urgency so I decided to give a try to Crystocks and then I found their service so great and secure that now it’s been a year now I am their regular customer.


We’re Waiting To Help You

View Crystocks Marketplace and get in touch with our experts right now and let’s start transforming your trading from the ground up (Suggested for Newbies)

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